That the cost per ice session is exactly the same in the longer winter season as it is in the shorter fall and spring seasons. The 5-month winter season is the club’s longest, running from November through March, as compared to the shorter 2-month fall and spring seasons. Thus, the fact that there is more than double the number of months/weeks during the winter season is the reason for the higher ice fees and not the cost per session. However, understanding that ice balances are higher in the winter season, the club offers members the opportunity to pay their ice balance in three installments. 

There will be winter ice sessions at both the UMass Mullins Center and the Amherst College Orr Rink. Especially note the starting and ending dates of the Orr Rink sessions. The sessions at Orr Rink end with the closing of the rink at the end of February while the sessions at the Mullins Center continue through March.

SCA Members - Please Note the Following:
The skating club has been informed that the Mullins Center will be charging for all contracted ice that the club cancels due to weather conditions.  Therefore, the club will no longer be able to cancel ice sessions due to weather unless the rink is officially closed.  Members will now be notified only if the rink is closed and, in those instances, credits/refunds will be issued.  When the rink remains open during adverse weather conditions, members and coaches will have to make their own individual decision as to whether or not to come to the rink..

There will be a $10 charge for all returned checks

In the event that you do not receive an ice confirmation sheet prior to your first skating session, please keep a record of what sessions you registered for (the day, the time, and the starting date). 

The club will again offer a 10-week power stroking class from 4:30 –5:00 pm on Sundays. If interested in this class, please be sure to check the space on the ice registration form.

The SC of Amherst is a volunteer organization. Volunteers are needed to monitor each club ice session (monitors check in the skaters, process guest fees, play music tapes, and generally oversee the ice session). No experience is needed. Someone will help you get started. Please help by volunteering to monitor your skater’s session and indicate your session preference on the ice registration form. 

ICE CYCLES is the club’s annual ice show held in the month of March. Information on the show will be available shortly and all club members will be fully informed. 

The ice subscription requirements for the ice show are as follows: Skaters who have qualified for a trio must be registered for two days of ice per week during the Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. Soloists must register for a minimum of two days of ice per week with a minimum of three sessions during the Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. The Learn-to-Skate Program or Moves in the Field sessions do not count toward meeting these trio or soloists requirements. Skaters registered only in the Learn-to-Skate group lesson program must be registered for both the 10-week November session and the 10-week January session in order to be eligible for the show. 
You will receive a sheet listing all the schedule changes for the winter season with your ice confirmation. Please be sure to mark these schedule changes on your calendar in order to avoid unnecessary trips to the rink. 

The Chipettes, the club’s precision team, performs in the skating show and at a UMass hockey game. This team practices each week and there is a fee which includes the ice, the coach, and a costume. For more information on the precision team, please contact Rita Leaman at (413) 253-6388 for more information or email at
Did you know that, in addition to the Sunday group lessons, you can also register at an additional fee for any of the sessions listed as “Open Freestyle” on the white registration form? You can use this extra session as additional practice time or to take a private lesson to supplement what you’re learning in the Learn-To-Skate group lesson program. If interested, call Rita Leaman at (413) 253-6388 for more information or email at
The club maintains a wonderful and informative website at

All registration forms can be printed off the website. This website is used as a means of communication so please make it a priority to check it on a regular basis for club news, notices, photos, and much, much more. All last-minute schedule changes can always be found on the website. Also, the club invites members to provide the webmaster with photos taken during club events as well as other news pertinent to the club. Coaches are also encouraged to provide results of their students’ medal-winning performances at competitions. Please note, however, that all material submitted will be published only upon the approval of the webmaster and the skating club. 


The skating club has a Used Skate File Box for members to list used skates that they have available for sale. Likewise, members looking to buy a pair of used skates can also list their information. This skate file is available during club sessions and is located in the club office at the Mullins Center Rink. For new skates and other figure skating needs, the club continues to recommend George Flathers at Skatesport in West Springfield. However, George is now limiting his services. In order to find out if George can help you with your figure skating needs, please contact him at (413) 732-5216. Please notethat it is absolutely necessary to call George to make an appointment before going down to Skatesport for any of his expert skate services. Skatesport is located at 458 Main Street in West Springfield (413) 732-5216.

Figure Skates (not hockey skates) must be worn on all club sessions.