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Meet SCA Featured Skaters

Ann Hu - 2019

Ann Hu is 8 years old and she started skating when she was three and a half. She attends the Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School and is in the 3rd grade. She is coached by Laurie Leaman and enjoys skating with her sister Fay. Ann is working very hard on her first moves in the field test and is looking forward to skating in the SCA ice show in March. Outside of skating, Ann enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and is learning to play the piano.


Aluna Brown - 2016


Aluna came to Amherst 3 years ago after living for 8 years in Colorado where she earned her first 3 basic skills badges. Since then she has been a member of a cheerleading squad that

came in 6th in the nation in the Nationals prior to taking up ice skating again and has been a member of SCA for 2.5 years. She has loved every minute of progressing from basic skills

now up to freestyle. Aluna is currently being coached by Sue for Freestyle and Bob in

Dance, she is making strides towards her tests in both this year. Some of her favorite things include watching Teen Wolf, hanging out with her friends and helping the little kids in Basic Skills.


Angelina Miller-2015


Angelina lives in Northampton and has been
part of the Skating Club of Amherst for almost five years and has also done synchronized skating with the Chipettes.  She  plays basketball on a Girls Suburban League team, loves animals and almost all sports, plays the cello, and sings in her school Chorus at the Smith College Campus School.


Sara Hastie-2015


Sara Hastie is 10 years old and is in the fifth grade at Shutesbury Elementary.  She has been skating for five years, starting in the Learn To Skate program at the Skating Club of Amherst. She is coached by Laurie Leaman, and is excited to begin competing this year. She also takes off-ice classes with Debbie Shumway. When Sara is not skating, she plays piano and

basketball,  and is an avid reader. She also loves to cook and bake.


Claire Michaels-2014


Claire is 10 years old and a fifth grader at Fort River Elementary School. Claire has been skating for 2 years and is taught by her wonderful coach Laurie Leaman. Her favorite moves

are flip jumps and camel spins. In addition to skating, Claire plays lacrosse and cello. She loves animals, singing, and much more. Claire will be skating to the theme song of "The Muppet Show." ENJOY!!!


Maya Sessions-2014


Maya is eleven years old and in sixth grade at Fort River Elementary School in Amherst.  

She has been skating for six years and is coached by sweet and wonderful Kelly Sonoda. Maya’s favorite moves are flip and sit spin. She loves the music of Mulan and enjoys skating to it in

this program. In addition to skating, Maya takes ballet lessons at Amherst Ballet and has started dancing on point this year. She will be one of the magical stars in the upcoming performance of

Cinderella. Maya is also a fierce Kung-Fu fighter and performs frequently in the Shaolin

Kung Fu Center of Hadley Demo Team. At home, she enjoys spending time with her brother and two cats (when she’s not playing computer games).


Adda Hennessey-2014


Adda Hennessey is 11 years old and is currently in 5th grade at Crocker Farm Elementary. Adda has been skating since she started kindergarten and she still loves it. Adda plays flute

and a little piano. She has an older sister named Gyselle, a baby brother named Leo, and a

cat named Spotty. Adda enjoys writing and designing clothes. She also has an interest in photography and hopes to start her business in it someday. 



Mercedes Elizabeth Kris-2014


Mercedes Elizabeth is 10 years old, 5th grader at Fort River School in Amherst. She has

been skating with the Skating Club of Amherst since she was 3 years old.  She loves reading and writing.  She is super happy because she has a new puppy called Atlee.  She is very

grateful to have such great coaches that are always supporting her, Coach Laurie and Coach Athena, who made performing today possible. She is also very proud to have won 2 Silver medals at this year’s Fall Fling. When she grows up Mercedes wants to be an Engineer. When she isn’t reading or writing she loves to play with her dogs Bloo, Thomas and Atlee, and bake with her brother. If she isn’t doing any of those things, she is making sure Atlee doesn’t eat

her shoes!  She is very excited to skate today.

Alexandra Katsoulakis-2014


Alexandra Katsoulakis moved to Amherst, MA in 2011 following her travel adventures to Greece, Germany, Portugal and England.  She’s a 5th grade student at Fort River

Elementary School and loves her teacher, classmates and cello lessons.  She also enjoys swimming with the Amherst Tritons Team.  She has been taking skating lessons for the past three years and is being coached by the “best coach ever” Kaleigh McKenna. Her favorite moves are spins and spirals.  When not skating, swimming or having fun with her friends and family, Alexandra plays with her dog Phoebe.

Erika Meehan -2014


Erika Meehan is a 7th grade student at Jabish Brook Middle School in Belchertown. In

addition to her love of skating, Erika is also an accomplished singer and enjoys babysitting children of all ages. She has been skating with SCA for 5 years and is coached by Kelly and Kiara Sonoda.


Caroline Hollander-2014


Caroline Hollander is 10 years old and in 5th grade at Fort River Elementary School.

 Other than skating, Caroline loves ballet, playing the piano, and playing with her hamster (Gracie Gold).  She has been skatingfor five years.  Her favorite moves are the layback spin, loop, and shoot-the-duck.  She is coached by Lindsey Fenton and Debbie Shumway.  This is her 2nd time appearing as featured skater, and she is excited to perform for you.


Emma Hastie-2014


Emma Hastie is 11 years old and is a 6th grader at Shutesbury Elementary School.  She has been skating for 3 years, starting in the Basic Skills program.  Her coach is Coach Suzie Frick.  Emma also enjoys gymnastics, basketball, and reading. 





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