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skaters on program

A skater who wants her/his program played needs to go to the Music Box and ask the session monitor to place her/his tape in line.

Please have your program tapes clearly marked with your name and type of program, i.e. freestyle, showcase, etc. 

Programs are played in a priority order:
1st request on lesson > 1st request > 2nd request on lesson > 2nd request, etc

skaters on program

Skaters on lesson take priority over skaters not on lesson as long as both are on the same request, for example 1st request.


A skater who has made a 1st request to do a program, who is not on lesson would take priority over a skater making a 2nd request on lesson. This is so every skater has the opportunity to do their program at least once.


Once your name has been announced by the monitor as on program or on deck, you cannot be bumped.


All skaters are required to wear an vest labeled with an "X" when on program. 


It is the responsibility of the skater to listen for her/his name announced on deck so that she/he can put on a vest and be ready to skate next. 


*Please remember that the session monitor is a volunteer and maybe new at running sessions and playing music so please be patient and courteous.  


*Please return the vest to the music box after each use!



A skater asking for two different programs (ex. freestyle, showcase) is asking for a 1st and 2nd request NOT two 1st requests.


Session monitors announce skaters as either: "On Program" 


Take your place on the ice for the start of your music - or -  

"On Deck" Be ready to go as you are the next skater

The skater "On Program" ALWAYS has the right-of-way

over ALL other skaters (even those on lesson). 

It is the responsibility of each skater and each coach to be aware of the skater on program and to move out of the way as the skater is approaching.  


It is likewise the responsibility of the skater on program to give way when approaching a skater in an established spin.

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